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 Fernbank Science Center’s Educational Programs

To pique children’s interest in science, the Fernbank Science Center, which is tuck away among the verdant environs of Atlanta, Georgia, is a source of surprise and discovery that ignites their enthusiasm for the subject. The educational programs offered by Fernbank are diverse and interesting, which helps to foster a passion of learning among its students. Facilitating the development of an appreciation for the marvels of science and technology among the next generation

A Journey Through Time and Space in Fernbank Science Center

The exhibits at Fernbank take visitors on an amazing voyage across space and time. Children can fly through space in the planetarium, explore the human body’s wonders in the Human Exploration Gallery. Interact up close and personal with massive dinosaurs in the Jurassic Giants exhibit. Additionally, These interactive exhibits astonish and amaze kids, encouraging them to explore the wonders of the cosmos further while also imparting a wealth of knowledge.

Nurturing Young Minds in Fernbank Science Center

Fernbank is dedicate to contributing to the advancement of educational possibilities, in addition to the exciting exhibitions that it hosts. A wide range of educational activities, on the other hand, are provided by the center. These programs are designed to stimulate the interest of young people in science and to inspire them to develop a passion for the subject.

Early Explorers:

Designed for preschoolers, these interactive programs are used for play, storytelling, and hands-on activities. To introduce young minds to the mysteries of science.

Junior Scientists:

These programs, which are aimed at primary school students, explore scientific ideas in greater detail. Through interesting experiments, field visits, and demonstrations.

Teen Treks:

Students in high school have the opportunity to go on intriguing scientific excursions by participating in research projects, doing internships, and attending seminars. The process of addressing difficult topics and gaining knowledge about the most recent research.

Every Child a Scientist

Fernbank acknowledges that every child can make scientific discoveries. Because of this, their educational programs are made to be both accessible and inclusive, accommodating a range of learning preferences and skill levels.

Sensory-friendly programs:

with programs and displays that have been specifically built. Fernbank ensures that children who have sensory difficulties are able to develop an appreciation for the wonders of science.

Family-oriented activities:

A variety of programs that are designed to motivate families are offered by the center. to do scientific research together and cultivate a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Community outreach programs:

By reaching out beyond the confines of the center. Fernbank inspires a new generation of scientists from all backgrounds. And provides science education to underprivileged communities.

The Seeds of a Brighter Future

By promoting critical thinking abilities, stimulating curiosity, and offering a venue for investigation. In addition Fernbank Science Centre is significantly contributing to the direction of science. Every young person who enters and exits the building departs with a curiosity in science planted in their heart. A curiosity that could grow into ground-breaking discoveries and inventions that will influence our world for years to come.

In light of this, the Fernbank Science Centre is the ideal location for a kid to begin developing an interest in science. Here at Fernbank, with its engaging exhibitions, captivating programming, and unwavering commitment to community services. Both a dedication to learning and an insatiable curiosity take root and develop into the scientific minds of an upcoming generation.

The Fernbank Science Centre is a very helpful resource for both individuals working in education and families. If you are in the vicinity of Atlanta, I strongly recommend that you go check it out!


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