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Grand Seiko is a luxury watch brand. It has made quite a splash in the horological world since its inception in 1960 with its rich history, innovative design and technology, and constant dedication to precision and craftsmanship. It is no doubt why it has earned its place as a top luxury watch brand.

Here are some interesting tidbits of trivia that can help you learn more about this brand!

Founding Seiko

Suwa Seikosha produced the first Grand Seiko watch in 1960. It was still under the parent company, Seiko. The first watch for Grand Seiko had a caliber 3180 with a precision of +12 to -3 seconds per day, and for the standards of the time, the watch had a fair and solid performance. Other Swiss watch manufacturers, such as Blancpain or Vacheron Constantin, had 200-300 years’ worth of history between them.

However, on the other hand, the Japanese watch industry knew they had their work already cut out for them. They had a goal: to make the best watches in the world.

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King Seiko

The first Grand Seiko was made from the hard work of Suwa Seikosha. Another company also entered the race for the best watch, King Seiko. King Seiko had already appeared on the Japanese scene in 1961.

King Seiko Watches were made by Daini Seikosha. They were deemed to be better than their sister brand in all aspects. This internal rivalry helped propel great watch advancements. Research and manufacture of Hi-Beat timepieces, maximum accuracy, and precision were the companies’ underlying impetus; Suwa Seikosha and Daini Seikosha entered the race for the best watch with their best efforts.

King Seiko failed in the end and did not stand up to his big brother, Grand Seiko. It was incorporated. However, King Seiko left a small remembrance of its excellence; the watches it produced remain in demand, especially among watch collectors.

The Revolutionary Spring Drive Technology

It was in 1999 that the innovative Spring Drive technology was unveiled. The Spring Drive technology offered the best of both worlds: mechanical and quartz watchmaking. The Spring Drive mechanism has taken twenty (20) years to develop. However, it was worth it – it further earned Grand Seiko a place as a horological force to be reckoned with.

Spring Drive Success

The Spring Drive was the crown glory of Grand Seiko. It was a major success. The innovative watch movement had taken almost three decades of research and development to perfect. The result was a hybrid movement that was 85% mechanical.

A conventional mainspring drives the movement, similarly to other mechanical watches. However, an oscillating quartz crystal precisely regulates the watch in a crucial second step. As a result, you get outstanding precision and a beautifully smooth sweep of the second hand.

The 9S Mechanical Series

Lastly, we have the 1998 Mechanical Series. The 1998 Mechanical Series was designed to deliver exceptionally and with longevity. In 1998, Grand Seiko introduced the 9S Mechanical Series, a family of movements designed to deliver exceptional performance and longevity. The 9s watches contained power reserves that could last up to 72 hours and used MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology to produce key components.

These movements boast a power reserve of up to 72 hours, use MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology to produce key components, and are designed to be easily serviceable. The 9S Mechanical Series has become a cornerstone of Grand Seiko’s mechanical watch offerings, with various models featuring unique complications and designs.

Wrapping Up

Grand Seiko is a master class in innovation and hard work. Up to now, it is associated with the success of the Spring Drive, which was revolutionary. It has changed the game for Japanese watchmaking.

We look forward to seeing what more Seiko can come up with.


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