How to Prevent Being Added to Xresolver’s Database

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What is Xresolver

Xresolver is a scam that tries to get Xbox Live players to pay to have their IP addresses removed from their database.

Xresolver allows users to type in someone’s Gamertag to find out their IP address if it exists in the database.

Knowing THE IP address associated with a Gamertag could allow someone to drop them from a game or perform a DDoS attack.

Numerous users have complained about this on various forums, with Microsoft providing no response.

IP addresses

Player IP addresses are added to Xresolver’s database when someone they play with has Octo Sniff.

When the IP address is added to the database, it becomes available to anyone who writes in Gamertag.

Xresolver’s website claims that they are not doing anything illegal because IP addresses are public information, but they are still running a scam.

An IP address is in Xresolver’s database

A user whose IP address is in Xresolver’s database can fill out a form to remove it but it is not a permanent solution.

When they play with someone who has Octo Sniff, their IP address will be added over and over again.

Requesting the IP address to be removed repeatedly would understandably be annoying to users, which is why Xresolver offers to permanently blacklist their IP address if users are willing to pay for it.

This will probably prevent their IP address from being added, although there are no guarantees that this will actually happen.

Also, Xresolver is not a trusted business so making a payment to them or providing payment information is a big risk.

How to prevent being added to Xresolver’s database

For users for whom this is a problem, using a VPN service seems to be one of the only ways to prevent an IP address from being added to Xresolver’s database.

VPNs are useful in general, not just for this, but users should be careful to choose a legitimate one that actually works.

What is Xresolver

Xresolver is a hoax site that runs a database of IP addresses for Xbox stays, used for DDoS infections

Xresolver is a scam portal that abuses publicly available data to monetize players who use Xbox to play games online.

Microsoft’s forums have recently been bombarded with posts linked to the site, as it gives almost anyone the right to infiltrate a gamer’s IP based on his or her Gamertag.

Based on this data, tainted actors can deliver distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) infiltrates, leaving victims out of the game, and giving false advantages in a specific game.

A large number of computer users reported

A large number of computer users reported that the majority of affected games are Rainbow Six Siege, although other competitive games such as Call of Duty Black Ops 4.

And despite the fact that the authors say that they are doing a little fake because they only show information that is traditionally available to everyone,

they undoubtedly want to make money from people who are polluted because of their service. 

The trick revolves around Xresolver selling “ActoSniff” packages to gamers and compiling a database of Xbox players, inserting all IP addresses on it.

The site then chooses the victims to get a “start” from this database, despite the fact that there is no guarantee that the IP will not be exposed to the other again even after the payment.

Download the Removal Tool to remove Xresolver

Despite tons of complaints from people with broken games, it doesn’t undergo any opinions from Microsoft, a manufacturer of Xbox left.

Fortunately, there are a certain number of methods and prompts that can help you solve Xresolver trick conspiracies and prohibit them from taking place again.

Note that you do not need to grant the portal and pay them to “blacklist” your IP address. Instead, inspect the alternative solutions we present below.

Xresolver is not a special service and Xbox stay is also not a single platform ie abused by malicious actors.

Although the plan may sound complicated, it is a little sophisticated and not very effective. Nevertheless, for these types of who are actually affected, it could provide somewhat aggravating durability.

In fact, Xresolver cybercriminals are not as complicated as they appear to be. There are ten disruptions along with this “service” because of how the whole trick works.

Xbox left had almost 90 million people as of April 2020.

Although the short amount of IP databases that the site has is not known, it is assumed that it must not be more than one million.

In other words, the database size depends on how many cheaters are inclined to use the application to “sniff out” the IP of other players.

Therefore, just as you play games on Xbox stay, it does not mean that your IP is in the Xresolver database.

To get an IP for the player, someone who has the OctoSniff package installed must combine the game together with him or her. In this way, the IP and Gamertag are collected directly in the database.

This information can then be used to forward DDoS invaders and uninstall the user’s web relationship and drop them out of the game.

Since this information is taken directly from the most recent IP address that the target player is related to, this information can generally be inaccurate and out of date.

Those who use dynamic IP addresses are not in danger, as usual modifying these facts fruitless. Still, there are many people who use a static IP, and it never changes.

Download the Removal Tool to remove Xresolver

Although it is real that your IP address is a kind of public data (for example, all the websites you visit can read it)

because it is public information, this information negatively affects the user’s persistence on the platform is not ‘t Xresolver only explains that

it takes no responsibility for the service it presents, and it is up to the players to use the statistics correctly.

Basically, the Xresolver hoax deals with a scam plan and mentions “paying you don’t want to boot out of the game due to DDoS before again.” Meanwhile, they are the ones selling the data to malicious actors. You can always upgrade the window.


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