How To Choose an Artificial Turf Infill Type?

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Infill supports individual blades in artificial turf, keeping them upright. Artificial turf infill also provides a bouncy cushiony feel and protects the fabric mesh underneath the grass. Landscapers use various types of infill, including sand/silica, crumb rubber, cork, walnut shell, Envirofill, and more. Choosing an infill is part of every artificial turf installation, and you can find many options.

Below are some tips to help you choose the best artificial turf infill:

Know Your Options

Crum rubber and sand/silica are the popular infills used in artificial turf. The rubber comes from automotive tires shredded and rolled into small smooth pieces. Crumb rubber is softer than other materials and is safe for kids and pets. Sand and silica also make good infill for artificial turf and don’t wear out like rubber. You can also choose Envirofill, which uses Microban technology to break down bacteria from pet waste.

Review each material to identify the best infill for your artificial turf installation. Some infill materials are more practical for pets and children, while others work for putting greens and golf courses.

Compare Thermal Efficiency

Artificial grass gets hotter than natural grass during sunny days. The infill impacts how fast the turf will heat up. Envirofill, zeolite, and Hydrochill turf infills are the best options for hot areas because they take longer to heat. They also have lower post-water evaporative cooling. Turfs with black crumb rubber and silica sand are warmer because they absorb heat.

Thermal efficiency varies from product to product, so review the turf specs. The goal is to find turfs that don’t get too hot for pets and children. Choose cooler turf infills if you live in areas that receive lots of sunlight. You can also review available cooling methods and their efficiency with specific infills.

Choose for Your Application

Artificial turfs are used in lawns, landscapes, pet areas, playgrounds, rooftops, patios, decks, balconies, pool areas, putting greens, and sports facilities. Each application has unique needs for softness, comfort, thermal control, and more. High-traffic playgrounds require durable infills that don’t wear out with use. Private lawns and decks can use softer cork and crumb rubber.

The best artificial turf fill is one that meets the needs of your application. If you need a cooler lawn, consider Hydrochill and other options designed for superior thermal efficiency. Sand/silica infills fit applications that require a more compact turf. You can choose Envirofill for pet and child-friendly turf. The goal is to find an infill that will be the easiest to maintain based on how you use the turf.

Review Manufacturer Reputation

Artificial turf infill manufacturers are known for their different strengths. Some manufacturers offer warmer or cooler turfs, while others have the best infill for volume and filtration. You can also find companies dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions. Choose companies known for providing the best quality artificial turfs in the area.

Leading manufacturers tend to have more positive reviews from clients. If many people are dissatisfied with the quality of the turf and infill, their reviews can be a red flag. Stick to reputable manufacturers with the best products in the area. You can find artificial grass companies that handle everything, including material distribution and turf installation.

Consider Extra Turf Perks

Artificial turf infill primarily gives the grass blade structure and keeps the turf soft and comfortable. It significantly impacts the look and feel of your turf but can offer many other benefits. When comparing infill, consider extra perks for your turf.

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You can find antibacterial-coated sand infill designed to protect your pets and children from germs in public spaces. Some turf infills like Zeofill absorb and trap pet odor and ammonia gases from waste. The infill holds onto the odor until you clean it off, keeping your lawn smelling fresh. You can also find hypoallergenic, weather-resistant, and dust-free turf infill. Compare the different perks available with each brand to get the best features.

Professional Artificial Turf Installation

Involving a professional is the best way to complete artificial turf installation. Leading turf companies can help you compare infill options to find the ideal choice for your application. Choose reputable artificial grass companies that have handled similar turf installations in your area.


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