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What To Do When Your Glass Tabletop Breaks

Glass Tabletop Breaks

Glass tabletops offer high visual appeal and functionality but are vulnerable to scratches and cracks. You can handle minor scratches with products like the jeweler’s rouge. If the glass breaks, you need a professional to replace the pane. Glass tabletop replacement is the best solution in most cases because of the fragile and dangerous nature of broken glass. Here’s what to do when your glass tabletop breaks:

1. Secure the Broken Pieces

Broken glass tabletops can produce sharp and dangerous shards or pieces. Some tabletops are designed with tough tempered glass and laminated options to prevent them from shattering. Your tabletop can still shatter, depending on the force that causes the breakage. The first thing to do is secure the broken pieces and keep everyone safe. 

Loose glass pieces pose a hazard in your home, so take the necessary precautions. Use gloves, a dustpan, and a broom to clean the glass. If no pieces are produced from the cracking, clean the tabletop and notify your family of the potential danger. The next step after securing the tabletop is to call a glass and mirror expert and determine the best solution.

2. Consider Repairing the Damage

The decision to repair or replace a glass tabletop depends on the severity of the damage. Repairs may work if the damage isn’t too extensive or is located at the corners. Call an expert to identify the best way to repair your glass. Avoid DIY home remedies unless you’re experienced using the jeweler’s rouge. DIYs can cause more damage.

Antique furniture can have sentimental value, making repairs more ideal than a complete replacement. You need professional glass tabletop repair for proper assessment and restoration. Calling an expert can save you money. The fixed glass will be as good as new, but expect it to look less beautiful. Tinted and frosted tabletop repairs are visible.

3. Replace the Broken Tabletop

Replacement is the best solution for broken glass tabletops. When glass breaks, you can hardly repair it to its former look. Glass tabletop replacement allows you to redesign and get a stronger, improved option. You can find unique tabletops, including stained and etched options.

Replacing a broken glass tabletop requires an expert. Don’t wait for the crack to get bigger, even if it looks minor. Early replacement prevents the tabletop from shattering completely and becoming dangerous. You can buy the same model as your previous tabletop or find a better solution. Popular options include tempered acrylic, laminated, and annealed glass.

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Professional Glass Tabletop Replacement

If your glass tabletop breaks, you can repair the damage or replace it. A complete replacement can involve purchasing another table. You can also replace the tabletop only and retain the framework. Repairs are possible, but most cracks only get bigger, and your tabletop won’t be as beautiful. Professional replacement can get you a better custom tabletop for your space.

When looking for glass tabletop replacement, stick to reputable companies with a history of providing quality services. Hire local glass and mirror businesses and request a custom tabletop. 



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