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Effortless Beauty: Packing Your Travel Makeup Essentials


Whether a weekend getaway or a more extended vacation, we can’t live without a few must-have make-up products!

Be this your favorite primer, a new mascara, or a shampoo that tames your frizz in warmer climes, fitting them all in your bag can be challenging, especially when certain airlines adhere to the 100ml rule.

This is when clever packing comes into play. Read on to discover our top tips for packing your travel make-up essentials.

Multi-Tasking Products

Two-in-one products, such as organic lemon hair and body shampoos, hand and body lotions, and shampoo with conditioner, are a great option for those who travel often.

Other multi-tasking makeup tools include dual-ended brushes for blush, bronzer, powder, and highlighter. Beauty blender sponges that work with an array of lotions and potions and lip and cheek tints.

Instead of packing separate products, these items cut your beauty essentials in half, giving you more room for clothes and accessories!

1. Foundation with SPF

Another must-have multi-tasker is a BB cream or foundation with added SPF. SPF, as we all know, is a travel essential, whether you’re hitting the slopes or the sunshine. UV rays are often more intense in alpine regions in alpine regions, as snow is highly reflective.

If you’re planning on wearing make-up throughout the day, this product is a no-brainer!

2. Pack Minis

Many of your favorite brands will boast a whole host of mini products, perfect for a shorter getaway.

These handbag essentials do exactly what your larger products do, yet take up half the space in your bag.

3. Research Liquid Allowances

Don’t fall prey to TSA airport rules, and make sure to pack oversized products carefully in your checked luggage and only items under 100ml in your hand luggage.

This will avoid having to surrender any of your prized products at security!

Research Liquid Allowances

4. Eliminate Unnecessary Products

Although it can be tempting to take our entire make-up bag away, you won’t likely need or use it all. This is when eliminating certain products comes in handy. We don’t need three eyeshadows, lip glosses, or mascaras of the same shade!

The easiest way to do this is to empty your entire makeup bag onto a clean surface and create three piles: one for must-haves, one for maybes, and one for the unnecessary.

The less you have, the more relaxed your time away will be. Plus, you’ll have room to return any products you purchase while away!

5. Invest in a Handy Travel Organizer

Travel organizers are a great shout and come in various styles and sizes, many with see-through compartments and hooks to hang them from.

This makes it a great deal easier to see where your items are stored, especially when you’re not privy to a bathroom shelf or two.

Many of these organizers are also water-resistant, which means they protect your clothes from any spillages while your luggage is in transit – the last thing you want when there are no laundry facilities nearby.

6. Decant Your Beauty Essentials

Tailored beauty bottles are super cute and handy, come in a range of sizes, and are suited to a variety of different products.

What are the benefits? These bottles are smaller and weigh less than your regular products, yet they still allow you to take your favorite lotions and potions abroad.

In addition, they comply with airport security requirements while taking up less space in our bags.

7. Buy a Waterproof Mascara

If you’re planning on swimming a great deal or soaking up the rays daily, a waterproof mascara is a great beauty buy.

Even if you’re not swimming, the heat can cause your make-up to sweat, causing unsightly black marks to form under your eyes.

A good waterproof mascara will solve this issue, ensuring your eyes look on point all day and night.

8. Setting the Look

Although most of us love the sunshine, humidity and high heat can cause havoc when it comes to creating a flawless, shine-free look. This is when setting powders and sprays come to hand.

These handy products blur our skin, creating that desirable filter-style look, abolishing shine, and even protecting against pollutants and UV rays.

What’s the best thing about these powders and sprays? They prevent the need for touch-ups, meaning you don’t have to carry your entire make-up kit while exploring new countries and cultures.

9. Pre-Plan Your Make-Up Looks

Just as many of us plan our outfits for vacation, we can plan our make-up looks, too. This way, you will know exactly what products you will need to take with you.

To ensure you don’t forget anything, you can always create a checklist or match looks to your wardrobe ensembles.

10. Ditch the Perfume

Perfume bottles are often sizeable and heavy; they can also smash in transit! Instead of packing your full-sized signature scent, invest in a mini version, purchase a roll-on scent, or take a scented body lotion away.

The Bottom Line

When packing your travel make-up essentials, there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

Choose compact products, ensure they come in a durable container, pick items that are easy to apply, and opt for multi-tasking tools to maximize space.

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If you follow these handy tips, there is no reason you can’t take your favorite makeup essentials away with you, ensuring you look picture-perfect day and night!



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