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Regression testing is the process of testing the existing software to ensure its functionality is not affected by changes in the code elsewhere. Regression testing will run the tests that have been known to pass in the past and ensure that they will still pass. It is done manually or automatically by using various regression testing tools.

Please note that there is no one testing tool for types of regression testing. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. The choice of regression testing shall depend on the use case. Now let’s consider the most common questions relating to regression testing.

When to Do Regression Testing?

Regressive testing can be done:

  • When a new feature or functionality is being added.

Software frequently gets new features and functionalities; however, they might also have a negative effect on existing functionality. Regression tests help avoid any such side effects.

  • When changing the existing software.

Often the unforeseen consequences can rest from minor changes or tweaks in the existing software. Even the slightest modifications are known to affect the overall function and cause interruptions drastically. Regression testing can help effectively avoid that.

  • When new integrations are being created with other applications.

Suppose the software of the enterprise must be integrated with a new-party application. In that case, it is critical to carry out regression testing immediately after to ensure that the integration doesn’t break down any existing functionality.

  • Regular software updates.

ERP providers often provide routine software updates to ensure their clients have the best and most up-to-date software. However, even this recurring software can affect the existing functionality, and a regression test is required.

  • Performance issues.

While regression testing can help detect most errors at their onset, these tests are not perfect – whether done manually or automatically if any performance issues are ever noticed. As a result, the best measure is to hold a new regression validation even if there are no recent updates.

How to Do Regression Testing?

Regression tests can be done manually, automatically – or a combination of both. A combination of automated regression tests and manual tests is generally recommended as it combines the advantages of both.

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Automated regression tests can be done through a testing automation platform. Automaton can be achieved through both free and paid tools. However, free, open-source tools are not the most efficient or effective.

While automation of regression testing offers powerful advantages, it must not be considered an absolute substitute for manual testing but as a powerful tool that complements the work of manual workers.


How is AI Affecting Regression Testing?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a revolutionary impact on regression testing automation platforms. It can further eliminate the time and effort required to create and hold regression tests.

Which Is the Best Service for Regression Testing Automation?

Opkey is the best regression testing automation platform. It’s a state-of-the-art platform empowered by AI technology. A cost-effective tool, Opkey can automate the generation of tests in a single click with ten times faster testing and brings the risk of downtime by ninety percent. It also offers over thirty thousand automated tests for mor than fourteen ERPs. Opkey’s advanced testing technologies are perfectly suited for both small and large enterprises.


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