Detailed Guide on a Planning Permission Architect for Beginners

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A planning permission architect is a professional who helps people to make construction plans and drawings, apply for building permissions, and most importantly, conduct all the follow-ups with the authorities to get approved. Technically, the planning permission architect works with an architecture firm that offers planning permission services on top of preparing the plans and the drawings.

Planning permission entails seeking approval or consent from the authorities to erect structures or alter existing buildings to certain extents. If your construction project is major, you will almost certainly need to apply for planning permission with your local authorities.

When Do You Need a Planning Permission Architect?

Some projects are small and do not require you to seek planning permission. Therefore, it is always good to check with the local authorities to know all the types of projects that require you to work with a planning permission architect.

If your building project is especially big, whether it is new construction, conversion, or renovation, then you should seek the help of a professional architecture company. For instance, a material change that will impact your neighbors will require consent from the local authorities and a professional planning permission architect, especially if a party wall reconciliation is needed.

How to Hire a Planning Permission Architect

If you are certain that you need a planning permission architect to help you through the project, then you should embark on hiring one. Here are the things to check.

  • Experience and expertise – An architecture firm with experienced planning permission architects is not easy to find, but you can still get one if you check well. Humphreysandsons is one good example if you are in the UK. Such a company also provides architects with expertise in dealing with building permission application matters.
  • Valuable package of services – Before applying for planning permission, the architects will have to make building drawings and plans. They also provide other services such as writing surveys and reports, party wall arbitration, legal advice, and construction supervision. It is good to go for a company that offers a valuable package so that you can pay one fee instead of many separate services that can be costly without a package.
  • Affordable fee – It is important to consider the fee the planning permission architect is charging. This will help you to make a budget for your project and also save money for other things. You can either pick an architecture firm with low charges or negotiate with your preferred company to get a discount.

Role of a Planning Permission Architect

A planning permission architect works with a professional architecture firm to help you in many ways when constructing a structure or making major changes to your house such as a loft conversion or house extension.

It is the role of a planning permission architect to prepare building plans and other structural drawings. This is done at the beginning of the project after discussing what you need. It can take some time to finish this delicate project, review it with the client, and make all changes until the final drawings are approved. These drawings include floor plans, plumbing plans, electrical plans, and more.

The planning permission architect will then apply for permissions in accordance with the requirements of the local council. This process can vary from region to region, but it basically involves filling out the required paperwork and providing supporting documents such as building plans and drawings.

The planning permission architect may offer other services such as legal advice, project supervision, and more. All you need is to check their packages or discuss what you really need with the architect.

Benefits of Using a Planning Permission Architect

These professionals make the entire planning permission application process easy and increase the chances of getting consent. Usually, they work as a team where they swiftly fill out the paperwork, forward it to the local council, and conduct a follow-up to ensure that everything goes through.

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If you are looking to hit deadlines when carrying out a construction project or renovating your home, consider working with a planning permission architect. They also supervise your project, if you like, to ensure that all the standards are met.


The planning permission architect plays a big role in a construction project. Although they charge a commission for the services, it is essential to consider one if you want your project to run smoothly. With this, you can rest assured that your project will be a big success, especially in meeting the deadlines.


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