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Best Himalaya Trek and Tour Packages

Best Himalaya Trek and Tour Packages

Whether you are going for your honeymoon, planning a vacation, or simply want to experience the beauty of the Himalayas, there are many trek and tour packages available in the region. There are even packages that will help you discover the hidden treasures of the region.

Precarious Himalaya trek

During October, the Himalayas are at their most colorful with pristine blue skies and lush green mountains. A trek is a perfect opportunity to appreciate nature’s beauty.

The Himalaya Trek can be a life-changing experience. In addition to awe-inspiring scenery, you will have the opportunity to meet the local people and learn their fascinating ways of life. Whether it is through a trek to the base of a mountain or a trek across a glacier, a trip to the Himalayas will give you a glimpse of the true meaning of adventure.

It’s a good idea to research a few different trekking companies before you book your trek. Compare their services and costs. You should also inquire about their guide network and training. A seasoned Himalayan trek organizer can keep you safe and make sure you have a great time.

Kareri Lake trek

Located in the Kangra Valley, Kareri Lake is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Himachal Pradesh. The scenic views of the Dhauladhars add to the mesmerizing appeal of the lake.

The trek to Kareri Lake is a moderate trek which can be done by both experienced and beginner trekkers. The trail begins from the village of Mcleodganj and ends at the picturesque lake. The trail passes through pine and shrub forests and gradually transitions into grasslands. The total distance of the trek is 27 kms.

The trek is best suited for nature lovers and families. It offers panoramic views of the Dhauladhar range. It also offers a wonderful camping experience. The trek can be made in three days.

Surya Top trek

Whether you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Himalayas or experience the local lifestyle, there are many Surya Top trek and tour packages that can give you just that. These packages include accommodation, transportation and meals. You will also receive a professional guide. The cost will vary depending on the size of the group and the date of your travel.

In order to climb Surya Top, you must have some fitness level. You will need to hike for about seven to nine hours a day. This hike will take you through the lush Deodar forests, Oak forests, and high Himalayan meadows. You will also have the opportunity to see a variety of butterflies.

As you head up to the Surya Top, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks and the upper Himalayan range. You will also have a view of the Ganesh Himal, Mount Langtang, and Annapurna massif.

Borasu Pass trek

Located on the outskirts of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Borasu Pass is an ideal destination for those who love adventure. Those who are looking to travel to the Himalayas can explore the rich culture of the region through this trek. It also offers an opportunity to spot snow-covered peaks of the high altitude mountains.

The Borasu Pass is located at an elevation of 17,224 feet. The pass connects the Upper Lamjung valley and the Baspa waterway valley. It is considered to be a sacred valley because of its religious significance. The area is also home to native shepherds.

The trek is a difficult one and therefore requires experienced trekking enthusiasts. It is recommended that children accompany their parents on the trek. During the trek, you will have to cross several glacier crossings. You will also have to climb steep inclines and slide down vertical cliffs. Moreover, you will have to make use of ice axes and crampons.

Ladakh trekking and tour packages

Whether you are looking for a short trekking trip or a multi-day adventure, Ladakh is one of the best trekking destinations in the world. This is due to its rich bio-diversity and exquisite landscapes. The mountainous terrain offers an array of challenging trekking trails.

Ladakh is located at the northernmost part of India. It is situated between the Himalayas to the south and the Karakoram mountain range to the north. Its location provides it with a perfect climate for trekking. In addition, it is the ideal destination for adventure sports like hiking, rafting, and mountaineering.

Known for its high passes, glaciers, and sand dunes, Ladakh is a stunning landscape. This area is also considered the cultural crossroads of the region. It is home to monasteries and ancient Tibetan culture.



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