5 Fun Trophy Customization Ideas

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Trophies are beneficial in academic, sports, and work environments, as they can help foster healthy competition. They can also help boost morale as they are widely recognized as rewards for effort and hard work. Customize your trophies to make them more appealing to your team and maximize their benefits. Here are some fun customization ideas you can present to your trophy store:

1. Design Unique Shapes

Your trophy doesn’t have to be in the traditional cup shape. You can shake things up by asking your trophy store to create uniquely shaped trophies for your award ceremony. This is only possible if your chosen store customizes awards, so ask first. If you’re awarding the best employee at work, consider asking your trophy vendor to shape the award like your company logo. For sports events, you can choose shapes that depict particular sports. A biking trophy can be shaped like an individual on a bike and a golf trophy like a golf ball.

2. Incorporate Color

Gold, silver, and bronze are commonly used to signify first, second, and third place in events. While these colors are the most popular, they aren’t the only ones you can use on your trophies. You can use different colors depending on your event and theme. If you’re awarding a sports event, blue is an excellent alternative to gold as it also symbolizes first place.

For company awards, you can choose colors that align with your brand. This way, award recipients can remember your company when they see their trophies. If you decide to customize your trophies using color, consider using glass or crystal instead of metal. They can complement your chosen colors better.

3. Add Images

You can make your trophy stand out by adding photos. Add an employee’s photo to a trophy if you’re awarding a corporate event, or a team photo if you’re awarding a sporting event. Make sure you choose a photo that compliments the recipient if you decide to add images. Ask your trophy supplier to show you some of their past work before booking their services, as adding images to trophies requires certain skills.

4. Engrave Personal Details

You can personalize a trophy by engraving a recipient’s details. Engraving can make it easy for recipients to remember the occasion and purpose of the award. Consider adding details like their name, the role they played at the time of the award, the purpose of the award, the occasion, and the date. You can also add a meaningful or heartfelt quote to personalize the trophy further. Consider engraving a quote the recipient lives by or one that applies to the award’s purpose. To make the award even more special, ask someone close to the recipient to write the quote by hand and have it etched onto the trophy.

5. Turn Your Trophy Into a Functional Item

While trophies primarily serve as decorative symbols, you can customize them to become more functional. You can convert a trophy into a drinking glass by smoothing out the edge and fitting it with a rim. You can also add a clock to your trophy to convert it from a symbolic item to a symbolic and functional award. This can be useful when awarding individuals who like everything in their space to serve a purpose.

Collaborate With Your Trophy Store Today

The right trophy store can make it easier for you to customize your award, as they’ll likely have the expertise and tools to bring your vision to life. Choose how you want to customize your trophy and browse your potential store’s portfolio to determine if they can meet your needs. If they can, discuss their turnaround to make sure it aligns with your desired timeline.


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