What If My Cell Phone Is Being Tracked or Monitored?

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Modern technologies give us unlimited possibilities. If you are reading this article, you probably want to know how to tell if your cell phone is being tracked, touched or monitored. We will provide you with signs that can alert you that someone is spying on your phone; sometimes these can just be subtle points, you can try them anyway. How to know if your cell phone is being tracked, touched or monitored by spyware? At first, we want to define the reasons why people can track their cell phone.

Why Do People Use Different Apps, What Information Do They Want to Get?

  • The jealous wife or husband can check if their spouse is cheating. We assume that all people would agree that they have been in the situation when they suspect something is wrong, but cannot tell if it is true. Some people get their landline or use private detectives to stalk someone, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money! It is cheaper to get quality spyware for cell phones. With it, you will get everything about conversations, messages, calls, whereabouts, etc.
  • Business owners can use such programs to make sure everyone on their staff is working, instead of chatting with a new girlfriend or writing comments on their friends’ photos on Facebook. It is possible to see if the whole team is in the office, even if the owner is not there.
  • If someone stole your phone or tablet, you can easily find it and protect the device from unauthorized access. Don’t worry if you saved some personal and secret data on the phone! You can remotely lock all device information or delete it.
  • It is possible to monitor your children with the simple phone tracker app; you will be aware of their daily activities by phone and control them in stealth mode. Keep the kids you love safe from dangerous things on the internet!

How to Know If Your Cell Phone Is Being Monitored by Spyware?

Most of the people are afraid of realizing that their phone is being spied on by an unknown person. For some reason, they think that only the police do such work and it is illegal to use such software. If you want to understand how to tell if your phone is touched or detect a keylogger on your iPhone, it doesn’t mean you need to be an expert, all you need to know are just several pointers. We suggest remembering that some programs are quite complicated and clever and can be detected by real professionals, but you may want to watch your phone more carefully if you notice one/several of these signs below.

  • The behavior of your phone is strange. You may notice that it turns on suddenly if not in use, beeps randomly from strange noses, or turns off suddenly. From time to time all phones can do strange things. If you noticed it happening, maybe your phone has a hidden spyware on it.
  • If a spy app was installed on your phone, it increases the use of your battery and loses juice much faster. Have you noticed that your battery needs to be charged all the time? Someone may have access to your device. But keep in mind that your phone’s battery life decreases over time, it’s natural, so don’t be dramatic.
  • Your battery is fully charge and the smartphone turns itself off on a regular basis; It can happen if you have any virus on your device. Some spy apps can cause your smartphone to suddenly shut down.
  • Are you receiving unusual strange texts that contain random symbols, characters or numbers? You can see these messages because spyware sends these secret coded messages to your phone. Have you noticed that these texts appear regularly? Then you may have spyware installed on the device.

How to Check Your iPhone for Spyware?

It goes without saying that Apple does not offer spyware. That is why installing any kind of spying apps will require you to jailbreak your device. You can inspect your phone and find out whether it was jailbroken or not by looking for the Installer app on your device’s home screen. You can also find the names of Icy or Cydia, and if you found one of them on your phone, it has been jailbroken. Spy apps are smart, they can hide the installer app from the home screen. All you need to do is look deeper into your phone books.

Try to check all the apps on your phone and if you find some apps that are not list on the Apple store then it means your device is jailbroken. We suggest updating your iPhone to the latest version via iTunes to remove external software and jailbreak from your phone. Before doing this, be sure to save all important data and make backup copies.

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Spyware is constantly being develop, and some of these apps do not require a jailbreak. Companies like Mobistealth and mSpy offer modern solutions that allow you to spy on someone’s phone without them noticing. It is not possible to detect this software on the target phone. If you suspect that there is some spy app on your phone. You can simply look inside your directory files for clues. Sometimes the installer is on the SD card; pay attention to directories and files that contain stealth or spy words.

It is impossible to detect spyware without knowing how this application works. Keep reading our article and familiarize yourself with spyware and its main features. We cannot promise you that you will be professional in this. But knowing the main things will make you more proficient in this topic.


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