Spa Supplies: What are your Options?

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Summer is in the air, and that means it’s time to dust off your swimsuits, grab a towel, and head straight for your hot tub. As the weather warms up and nature comes back to life, there’s nothing quite like soaking in the warm, bubbling waters of your own personal oasis. See more about summer when you click here.

However, before you jump right in, there are some essential spa supplies you’ll need to ensure that your hot tub is clean, safe, and ready for relaxation. From chemicals to tools to must-have accessories, buying the best ones is going to help you over the long run. So, below are some of the things that you need to know.

Essential Must-Haves for Your Hot Tub

Chemicals not only help sanitize the water, but also balance its pH levels, ensuring a comfortable and healthy soaking experience. An essential that you should never miss is chlorine, which is one of the most common chemicals used in swimming pool and spa maintenance. It effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and algae that can thrive in warm water environments, and adding tablets or granules regularly will help keep the water free from harmful contaminants.

Bromine should also be a must-have because it works similarly to chlorine but has a milder smell and is less irritating to the skin and eyes. It’s an ideal choice as part of your spa and pool supplies especially if the other family members are sensitive or skin allergies tend to flare up in their skin.

Proper pH levels can be obtained with an increaser and decreaser, as these chemicals help balance the acidity or alkalinity of the water, preventing corrosion of equipment and minimizing skin irritation. When the dirt and algae are too much, and you see that the water is becoming green, utilizing shock treatment on a regular basis is crucial.

Excellent products that are used for shocking a spa can result in the oxidation of organic compounds like sweat, oils, and lotions that accumulate in the water over time. This helps eliminate any unpleasant odors while keeping your hot tub clean and fresh. Of course, the testing strips or kits should also be a part of your maintenance because they will enable you to monitor your water chemistry regularly for a safer environment.

Tools and Equipment for Owners

Shop online for a durable scrub brush or sponge that will enable you to reach the mold and fungi on the walls and floors. They are going to help you with dust accumulation, and you can also remove any debris or grime from the surfaces as long as you have them with you. If possible, invest in a reliable filter that will keep the water sparkling and clean, and they can also help maintain optimal bathing quality.

Manual or automated vacuums can also remove most of the things that you don’t usually see inside the crevices, corners, and hard-to-reach areas so you can make sure that they are going to thoroughly clean everything for you.

Must-Have Accessories for a Relaxing Soak

Covers can be helpful, especially if you want to do some more treatments and soaking due to arthritis and ailments. Not only does a full wrap accessory help keep debris out of your tub, but it also helps retain heat, which means lower energy costs. Well-fitted ones are not only going to protect your investment but also ensure that you’re ready for a soak whenever you want.

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Lounge, neck jet, or swim spa pillows may be uncommon, but getting these water-resistant additions can help you relax longer. A good addition is to enhance the ambiance around your hot tub and consider adding some mood lighting. LED lights are an excellent choice as they are energy-efficient and come in various colors that can be easily controlled with a remote or smartphone app, and they are often compatible with the modern types in the market.

DIY vs Professional Services: Which is Best?

DIY vs Professional Services:

Regular maintenance will mean that you’ll have to decide whether you want to do everything yourself or call a professional to help you out. For those who want to go with the do-it-yourself route, you can save money and have complete control of chlorine, shocks, and tools that you put in your spa. Get more info about chlorine on this website:

Learn about water chemistry, and add necessary chemicals as needed. Cleaning the filters, skimming debris off the surface, and scrubbing down the interior are all tasks that can be done by homeowners as these are all essential especially if you’ve suddenly thought about partying. Hiring professional services might be a better option for you, when there’s not enough time. You just need to factor their fees and charges this into your budget when considering this option.


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