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Living in South Florida has its perks—palm trees sway, beautiful beaches are just a stone’s throw away, and the weather is generally nice. But there are a few things homeowners need to be aware of, such as hurricanes and their impact on homes.

One of those things is ensuring your home is prepared for hurricane season by installing the proper windows and doors. That’s where impact doors come in.


Protecting your property from extreme weather is necessary whether you live in Florida or many hurricane-prone areas. While completely hurricane-proof doors don’t exist, impact-rated front doors help shield occupants from water, wind, and flying debris.

Unlike decorative glass, impact-rated laminated glass (often called severe weather or hurricane glass) stays in the frame when impacted rather than shattering. This is thanks to an interlayer that separates the two panes. This same technology also helps resist forced entry. This means burglars have difficulty breaking into your home through the front door.

Other benefits of impact-rated front doors include energy efficiency and noise reduction. The thick laminated glass keeps your home at a more consistent temperature, reducing the load on your air conditioning system and saving energy costs. The insulated door deflects harmful UV rays that damage furniture, carpeting, and skin.


Energy efficiency is a hot topic, and impact doors are known for blocking the harsh sun and reducing heat transfer. This can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint by significantly lowering energy costs.

The frame material, glass options, and insulation of impact doors all contribute to their energy-efficiency rating. When shopping, check for the ENERGY STAR label to compare performance ratings of products. A door’s insulation is essential, as it determines how well the product keeps out heat or cold air and prevents drafts and leaks.

The best impact doors for energy efficiency have a low U-factor and a high R-value, which are measures of the insulation’s resistance to heat flow. You also want a door with a glazed option that has a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The lower the SHGC, the better the window’s energy efficiency. Low-E coatings are a great option, as they reflect heat rather than absorb it.


You’ve probably upgraded your windows to withstand hurricane-force winds, but don’t forget the most vulnerable points of entry—doorways. Installing impact doors gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected 24/7 from severe weather and debris.

The reinforced structure of impact doors makes them more difficult to breach, making your home more secure from potential burglars. They also significantly reduce outside noise, giving you a quieter living environment.

In addition to small-missile debris testing, impact-rated doors are subjected to a cyclical test determining a Design Pressure (DP) rating. A door must achieve a minimum of 9,000 cycles to receive a WBD or HVHZ impact rating. This rigorous test also measures the door’s ability to withstand hurricane-force wind pressure and water infiltration. The higher the DP rating, the more resilient your impact-rated doors are. This is important, especially for homes located in coastal areas.


In addition to their storm-resistant properties, impact doors feature hardwood-like appearances and are available in numerous finishes, allowing you to perfectly match your home’s interior décor.

Impact doors protect your family and property when high winds, heavy rains, and flying debris strike. Their thick glass and tight seals help protect your house against damage.

Because they effectively keep air insulated, impact doors can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills. With the right impact door installation company, you’ll enjoy reduced cooling costs and significant savings on your heating bills.

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The thicker glass in impact doors filters harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and preventing furniture, flooring, and other household items from fading over time. This added protection can also alleviate asthma symptoms for allergy sufferers. A safer and more comfortable indoor environment is just a phone call away.


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